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Hello! We are Bandwagon! We are a music business responsible for connecting you to music that you love. We believe people should know about live music and our vision is to connect people to it!

Sweet! How do you guys go about doing that?

Well we currently do it through 3 areas.

Firstly, we have the gig finder listing almost every live performance there is in Singapore, and you can search by genre, location, venue type, even mood. With our mobile app, you can also find gigs closest to you.

Secondly, we have an editorial where you can find fresh content- feature articles, artist interviews, playlists, op-eds, and the latest country-relevant music news. Besides music, you can find stuff about gaming and film as well.

The third area we connect people to music is through unique live music events. We organized The Music Market, where we invited artists we’ve featured or worked with in the year, and mixed in other fun things music lovers would enjoy, like a vinyl market, music documentaries, poetry slam, video games, pop-up stores etc. We held the latest one at Hard Rock Cafe (Orchard), and we heard it was highlighted as a case study to the Hard Rock Cafes globally.

In December last year, we also organized a festival bus from Singapore to Urbanscapes Festival in Genting, Malaysia, where we had live music from 4 of Singapore’s top bands aboard the bus, karaoke, games, food and drinks, enroute to a music festival in the forest up in the highlands! We’re now planning to do it for other festivals regionally. We’re headquartered in Singapore, and are now working on branching out to Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.
Jensen Ching Dec06-111114-20-crewobjects

Jared Rezel-112Pleasantry rocking it out!

Jared Rezel-131Gentle Bones doing his thang.

Jensen CHing-069Inch Chua doing her thang.

Oh yesss! We heard nothing but good stuff about the Bandwagon Festival Bus! Are you guys doing it again this year?

We’re actually lauching the 2nd Bandwagon bus project in Manila, in conjunction with Wanderland Festival. Will be announced soon, but you can check out more on the site here: Bandwagon Bus

Well we’re curious! What was the story behind the genius of Bandwagon?

How we got started was simply the case of scratching one’s itch. A culmination of 3 short stories that happened to our boss Clarence.

Story 1: He loved gigs and found it tough to keep track of what was going on. He was manually noting down gigs from event boards, and relying on occassional online write ups. Getting a snapshot of what’s going on that night at a glance was unheard of.

Story 2: He found a jazz bar in Helsinki via Google, walked 30 minutes in the thick of winter, only to find that the Jazz bar had become a fishing shop. On top of easily obtainable information, reliable information was a priority.

Story 3: He was in a band in university. They did alternative rock and getting people to go for their gigs was tough. Having a platform where bands could reach other live music enthusiasts was much desired.

So there you go, a platform where live music information is easily obtainable, reliable, and extensive is what formed the genesis of Bandwagon.

How would you describe Bandwagon’s philosophy?

Our philosophy is simple. In everything you do, do it from the heart. We’re all music lovers at heart, and its always about letting that come through, whether it takes the form of business, journalism, coding, design or anything else. We believe that’s how we’re going to create something special that betters society.

What is the best part about what you guys do?

There are many “best part”s. Hearing someone tell us that they had the best time of their lives catching an artist that they discovered via Bandwagon. Creating content that impacts people, be it inspiring them, or getting them talking and thinking deeper about music. Seeing a community form around whatever it is we are doing. Friendships being built, collaborations being explored, these things really add meaning to whatever we do.

Oh yes, catching live gigs often has to be counted in the pot!

What have you guys been up to lately? 

We’re working on a project called *SCAPE School Invasion Tour with a bunch of amazing artist and industry stakholders where we will be invading 30 schools and tertiary institutions to promote local music and encourage awareness of a happening local music culture in Singapore.

More broadly, we’re expanding the company regionally, exploring the music travel vertical, working on a local music carnival, improving our existing platforms etc. There are a lot of potential spaces to explore, and we’re always on the lookout for talent to join us. If you like what you’re reading and think you’ve got good skill, passion and motivation, drop us an email!

What would be Bandwagon’s dream for our local music scene?

We wanna see the local music scene flourish. We hope that through whatever we do, we could make an impact in improving the vibrancy and viability of the local music eco-system.

Jared Rezel-36

Jared Rezel-121

Jensen Ching-013

What do you think we need to do as a community to grow our precious industry?

Coming up with new solutions to solve the new problems in areas that we are passionate about. The problems we’re facing today are mostly different from what our forefathers faced, and what our next generation would face. It’s important that we think creatively for solutions, and take action.

We hope that Bandwagon inspires the next generation in Singapore, that you can do what you love, even in areas that aren’t usual paths for Singaporeans, and still make it viable as a career at the same time.

Jensen CHing-057

Check them out here: Bandwagon
Photos courtesy of Bandwagon.

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