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Singapore’s Greatest Designer

LKY(Photograph: Chew Boon Chin/AFP/Getty Images)

Dear beloved Singaporeans and International friends,

Today I’m not going to speak as a brand, today I am going to speak as a passionate Singaporean. Singapore has just lost a very powerful, influential and passionate man. Mr Lee Kuan Yew, our first Prime Minister and one of our founding fathers, has passed away earlier today. I am deeply sadden. Mr Lee, has taught me so much with all that he has done for our country. His actions spoke louder than his words. And when he did speak, his words were always straight from the heart, piercing right through yours. You can feel it. He led with the people in mind, he led with an incredible vision, driven with such tenacity and passion. Oh just look at where we are today. He has definitely left us all with a great nation.

I wrote this on my 6hour bus journey back to London, where I am currently based. Being abroad, makes it even harder. I miss home even more. As I looked out the window, out into the reality of the world, I am overwhelmed with so much gratitude. I honestly never imagined I would be so emotionally affected by the loss of this great man. I mean look at where I am today! I wouldn’t be able to get here had he not done the things he did. All the opportunities that we get on an international level, all these international recognition and respect was all well earned by this man – all for us.

Well it’s all up to us now. We have to continue his legacy. I will continue to grow this beautiful country in my own way. I will play my part. I will continue to push the Design community in Singapore. I will continue to build this creative community. My dream is to raise the standards of Design in Singapore to a level where we are recognized and respected on an international level – not solely based on our aesthetic works, but on a more human and empathetic level; how we design for communities and people for the better. I will fight for Design in Singapore, because this is my passion. This is where my heart beats fast. So what are you fighting for?

Thank you Mr Lee for all that you have done for us, rest in peace Sir.

Founder, Singapore/London Ambassador
Design Says Hello

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