DSH on Humanitarian & Social Design

The Founder of Design Says Hello, shares his experiences and examples of case studies as means of discerning the techniques and tactics in the field of humanitarian design and social innovation in the developing world. He questions what one must take into account in order to cater to the needs of its target community. As successes can easily become a model for more of the same, whereas failure offers a platform for discussion and debate about what went wrong and what could have been avoided. He hopes to use the lessons from past failures to propose actions for the future.

Film Series: ART//DESIGN

ART//DESIGN – is a film series about Artists and Designers living in Singapore in an attempt to define and differentiate Art and Design. These Artists and Designers have humbly opened up, and allowed my team and I into their lives as we document their inspiring thoughts and notions on these two heavy weight subjects. Watch the full series here!

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