Turbine Festival 2015: One City One Day

LONDON – Turbine Festival 2015 sponsored by Hyundai Motor held earlier today at London’s Tate Modern was buzzing with activities. From live music performances, poetry readings, workshops, to installations – what better way to spend your Saturday? Here’s what we manage to catch!

^ Spontaneous performances at the Hunt & Darton Cafe – yup pineapple party!

^ Felix’s Machines – blew us away with its intricate setup and not to mention really amazing sound!

^ Under the umbrella ‘Hackoustic’ – we were presented with an array of interesting everyday objects that was hacked with wires, programming, codes and a combination of science producing some intricate tech to stripped-down-no-tech objects, giving birth to new sounds and interaction. This piece (above) entitled ‘The Epsilonograph’ converts light passing through into rich new forms of sound and music. Each disk has a different material on it giving the resultant sound a completely unique character.

^ ‘No Plug Sound Machine’ by Samira ‘Night by Night’ Allaouat explores the idea of a future where resources that we hold as fundamental to life will no longer exist, through plant-powered light theremins and a wind-up gramophone.

^ ‘The Hummingbird’ uses data from Twitter to control the sequence of strings being played.

^ Kaio, our Brazilian Ambassador peeling away his orange – felt like forever!

^ But we weren’t alone at ‘The Groundnut Table’!

^ After all that peeling, we have ourselves, our very own traditional West-African orange juice!

Check out www.tate.org.uk/turbinefestival for more works!
Photos by Design Says Hello 2015.

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