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Hello guys! I’m Firdaus Samsudin, the brain child of Fireszki Skateboards. I have been skating for almost two decades and applying the knowledge and skills I’ve learnt to start my own line of skateboarding brand. I believe now is the time for me to do something bigger.


What got you to start FIRESZKI Skateboards?

Fireszki has been in my mind since 2011 and my intention is to promote the growing skateboarding community in Singapore. I envisioned equipping skateboarders in the region with a durable and ‘crispy popping’ deck without a heavy price tag. It has always been my dream to own my own label, in pursuit of my passion.

What can one expect when getting a FIRESZKI deck?

Jabal Fireszki

Fireszki skateboards uses decks that are made from 100% High Quality 7ply Canadian Maple, equipped with “BOOM BOOM Tech” technology or BBT. BBT makes the deck durable, Extra POP and lighter in weight. We believe in quality and strive to make our customers happy as they enjoy our products.

Jabal with coffee

We’re curious though, what’s the meaning behind the name ‘FIRESZKI’?

Fireszki is a actually combination of my name, ‘Fir’ and ‘Rezeki’ which translate to blessings and fortune.

Sweet. What were some of the challenges you faced starting your own line?

There were quite a few challenges. But some of the challenges were the initial business start-up; marketing and advertising on how to reach the community. As Fireszki is a new born and bred local brand, we had to find ways to get people to know of our brand. But, so far it has been a great journey. Through friends and other skateboarders, people are slowly getting to know our brand a little bit more.

What about skateboarding do you love the most?

Skateboarding has allowed me to be myself. It has allowed me to meet and appreciate new people, coming from all walks of life. On top of meeting new people, I truly enjoy filming for cuts of short films or projects, performing tricks together with my buddies.

How has skateboarding impacted you?

In pursuit of happiness, I always believe that to be and to do something that makes me happy, is second to none. Growing up with decks, I found motivation which enabled me to push beyond boundaries. It taught me to be more driven and being patient when striving to achieve results, just like how when I have to be patient when trying to land a new trick. Bottom line, skateboarding has impacted me in so many different ways that has moulded the person that I am today.

The Urban Playground | Skatorialist by Juffrie Friday

Do you think skateboarding has an impact on the creative industry?

Yes definitely skateboarding has a huge impact on the creative industry. Like an artist, a skateboarder has to think out of the box to execute tricks on obstacles around his environment giving an object, for an example a rail (grinds on a skateboard), a new life serving a different purpose than what it was made for. Furthermore, skateboarding allowed me to also express myself creatively in designing new decks and apparels.

What motivates you behind what you do?

Taking the values of my faith into skateboarding. Sharing, inspiring motivating and educating the kids of the next generation. And at the end of the day, we want to have fun and enjoy the thing we do, but yet beneficial for others.

What is the best part about what you do?

I love every aspect of what I am doing now. But I would say that when it comes down to designing the artworks, is an area that excites me the most. It enables me to be separate from this fast paced world, for just a moment I am as though in my own world.

What have you guys been up to lately?

We recently released the second edition of decks, called Jabal, meaning Mountain in Arabic. And currently we have also tied up with The Return Café Bistro – both aiming to add colours to the local industry. And yes we will be collaborating with other local brands in the future too!



What’s your dream for Singapore’s skateboard scene?

I believe that the skateboarding scene can be further exposed, even to mainstream society. Examples, on what can be further done for our sunny island hosting few major competitions featuring street skateboarding leagues or Asian X games to name a few.

What do you think we need to do as a community to grow our industry?

Each community has different needs. On behalf of the skateboarding community, I see that the facilities and infrastructures are keys for the athletes to excel. Hosting skateboarding competition and events too, may create more public awareness and flourish the scene further. Also the support from our government is very important.

What is one thing that you are proud of about our local creative industry?

Singapore, like any other country around the world, has emerging and rising creative talents. Every industry requires ‘people’ to execute ideas. With the dense demographics and people coming from all walks of life, faith and belief, coming as one supporting each other is vital for growth. Therefore, I’m proud that we are not segregated because we are ‘different’.


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