A Celebration of People & Design


What better way to turn 3 by celebrating it with the community? We were very pleased with the turn out tonight! It was great to see people enjoying themselves to the tunes of local acts – Cashew Chemists and Pleasantry as they rock the night out. Big shout out to our venue sponsor, LOWERCASE for being such an awesome host and catering to all of our needs. Showering some love to our anonymous sponsors (you know who you are) for supporting us in many ways unimaginable to make this event possible! Here are some photos from tonight! Check out #dsh2013 on Instagram (@designsayshello) to look back at some of the happenings!

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Film Series: ART//DESIGN

ART//DESIGN – is a film series about Artists and Designers living in Singapore in an attempt to define and differentiate Art and Design. These Artists and Designers have humbly opened up, and allowed my team and I into their lives as we document their inspiring thoughts and notions on these two heavy weight subjects. Watch the full series here!

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